Technology and strategy are inseparable. Technology innovation strategies bears an integral relation to a company’s strategic planning. This frontier of opportunity is best represented by the increasingly shared recognition of the urgency to integrate our technology management methodologies into the most inclusive context of visioning and other business planning activities.

Technology can also increase a company’s competitive advantage. Our technology innovation consortiums enable our partner companies to leverage expertise across several industries and institutions, to develop and enhance their technological innovation capability. Successfully assimilating existing technologies into the business and; anticipating the impact of emerging new technologies are critically important tasks for our partner companies to stay globally competitive.

Our lab team are product development specialists that embrace the idea that what we are working on, might not work. Not to merely tolerate this feeling, but to seek it out with our unique design thinking methodology, when developing minimum viable products. Our factory team are asset management specialists that prizes productivity, reliability and service delivery when developing new markets for commercialisation.

As technology management specialists, we continuously research and implement these systems, methodologies and practices for identifying, selecting, acquiring, exploiting and protecting our partner companies’ technology to do things both better and differently.