The Institute for Technology & Society was established as the Sustainable Development Company at Hugenote Kollege’s School for Social Innovation. We ensure that innovative ideas are packaged into bankable business plans, our projects gain access to external funding and; enable pure shared value with social innovation activities.

We rethink, repurpose and reposition non-core assets of corporates and municipalities with our exponential technologies and bankable business plans. This also reduce the financial liability and possible community problem risks for our partners. Our Institute converts these non-core assets into sound, sustainable enterprises with the following strategic activities along the development stages.

  • Strategic Engagements – We drive initiatives with our partners to endorse, approve and qualify technologies for bankable social innovation projects.
  • Strategic Implementation – We ensure financial close of scalable technology projects and facilitate investment decisions into our social enterprises.
  • Strategic Sustainment – We own, develop and acquire exponential technologies to solve complex sustainability challenges.

Our Institute for Technology & Society commercialised research and development to create a positive, lasting legacy in communities. In order to achieve this, our Institute continuously engage with Corporates and Municipalities on different levels to unlock multiple layers of external funding:

  • Advisory – Our comprehensive, institutional approach support sustainable development departments with the necessary expertise to co-design initiatives as a strategy for collective, impact investments.
  • Resourcing – We drive these innovation projects with our professional combination of wise, mostly retired specialists and student interns to financial close. This unique team develop bankable proposals for external types of investments, grants and incentives.
  • Platforms – Our activities provide opportunities for engagements to assess maturity, monitor progress of roadmap activities, facilitate technology transfer and share best practise in Social Innovation.